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  On-Line Registration Information  
  In an effort to make baseball registration easier for our members, we have developed an on-line registration process.  This on-line tool is to be used to register both players and coaches (which includes assistants and parent helpers).  The Babe Ruth National program requires ALL leagues to conduct background checks on coaches and parent helpers every two years.  The reason for these background checks is as follows:  
  "The safety, protection and well-being of our young players should always be our top priority. We have a responsibility to recruit the most qualified adults to serve as managers, coaches, and other types of volunteers, to ensure our players are able to enjoy a fun and educational season.  In addition, parents trust their children will be safe while participating in our league and our league cannot be successful without the confidence of the parents. We also have a responsibility to protect individuals and our league from possible loss of league assets or financial hardships that result from litigation.  Advancements in technology and the accessibility of information have made screening and background checks the norm and a much-needed resource to determine the competency and safety of prospective volunteers.  Babe Ruth League is an organization serious about protecting children. Together, we can make Belgrade Babe Ruth League, Inc. one of the safest programs in which our youth can enjoy the game of baseball."  
After a coach/parent registers on-line, they will be provided a link to complete a background check (you don't have to complete again if you did so last season).  Background check personal information is confidential and will not be shared with the league.  Results of the check will be utilized by league officials only.

For this year ONLY, due to the pandemic, we are NOT collecting a Volunteer Deposit, and we are NOT doing the chocolate fundraiser. 
Registration fee Option #3 (below) is the only option available this year.

Register Now
(Please read the information on this page before beginning the registration process!)
  Registration Fees  
  Option #1  
T-Ball & Rookie---------------- $60 + 1 box of chocolate      
Minors, Majors & Babe Ruth--- $90 + 1 box of chocolate      
Volunteer Deposit*------------- $25 per family      
  Option #2 (Most Economical)  
T-Ball & Rookie---------------- 4 boxes of chocolate only      
Minors, Majors & Babe Ruth--- 4 boxes of chocolate only      
Volunteer Deposit*------------- $25 per family      
  Option #3  
T-Ball & Rookie---------------- $90 (no chocolate)      
Minors, Majors & Babe Ruth--- $120 (no chocolate)      
Volunteer Deposit*------------- $25 per family (Not Required this Year)    
  To help fund our league and keep registration costs to a minimum, we partner with World's Finest Chocolate and ask each player to help by selling chocolate (unless you register under Option #3).  We provide the chocolate to you at no cost.  There are 60 candy bars in each box and they sell for $1.00 each.  For each box of chocolate that you take at registration, you are required to return $60 to the league.  No boxes of chocolate are allowed to be returned.  NO CHOCOLATE FUNDRAISER THIS YEAR.

Chocolate Fundraiser Info Sheet (PDF)
  *Volunteer Deposit  
  Please write a separate check for the volunteer deposit.  This check will be returned to you after signing in and working at your field cleanup day.  Check the schedules tab to determine when your assigned field cleanup day is.  If you cannot make field cleanup day for any reason, don't worry, there are many other opportunities for you to help out with our league and get your $25 deposit back.  The deposit is not intended to be a money maker for the league, but rather to encourage participation from all our members to make our fields and playing experience the best it can be for our players.  The checks ARE NOT deposited initially, but rather held until the player or parents fulfill their obligation.  Other options for fulfilling this volunteer requirement are:  
>Picking up garbage at fields >Painting our sheds >Working concessions at opening ceremonies >Bleacher painting or scraping
>Dug out painting or scraping >Concessions cleaning prior to opening day >Install sponsor signs on fences >Cleaning bathrooms at concessions
>Trash pickup at fields (anytime) >Help at sign-ups or tryouts >Mowing or trimming around fields >Any other need you may see
  If by the end of the season families choose not to participate, the checks will be deposited at that time.  This gives over 3 months to fulfill this obligation, which is intended to enhance the experience of our baseball players.  If there is a particular situation that prevents someone from fulfilling this obligation, we will address such situations as they arise.  We do not intend to prevent any players from being able to participate in this great sport.  Please contact Kris with any questions you may have (  
  Summer Camps!  
  Bandit Camp - Friday April 9, 6 PM Under the Lights!!  
  Mission Baseball - June 16-19, 2021  (
  Yaks Baseball Camp - TBD  
  SW MT Baseball Camp - TBD
  YMCA Baseball Camp - TBD  
  Yellow Jacket Baseball Camp - TBD  
  Umpire Info  
  Umpire Evaluation by Coach or Parent  
  Umpire Complaint Form (DOC)  
  Miscellaneous Stuff  
  Sponsorship Letter (PDF)  
  Coach Evaluation Form (PDF)  
  Vendor Tournament Agreement (PDF)  
  BYB Consolidated Constitution (PDF) (By-Laws)  
  Robert's Rules of Order (PDF)  
  Treasure State Showdown Standings  
  Questions about the league can be e-mailed to  
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